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Got A Thing On My Mind...

That'll Be The Day!

Chantilly Lace!

Come on, let's go!

Music Quote Weekends

Strange Soundtracks: Pippi Longstocking

Martha Reeves

Mary Wells

Celebrate Good Times!

Hey man, is that Freedom Rock?

"Well turn it up, man!"

Hoyvin-Flavin Dance, Dance, Dance!

Music Quote Weekends

Music Quote Weekends

One Hit Wonders: Billy Ray Cyrus

Bizarre Singers

California Soul!


Blast from the Past!

Tammi & Marvin!

Beatles Flexi-Discs

The Chantels!

The Beatles Singles

The Beatles Singles

The Beatles Singles

The Beatles Singles

The Beatles Singles

Record Labels: Decca

Vintage MTV

If I Were Your Woman

If I were your woman And you were my man You'd have no other woman You'd be weak as a lamb If you had the strength To walk out that door My love would overrule my sense And I'd call you back for more If I were your woman (If you were my woman) If I were your woman (If you were my woman) And you were my man Mmm yeah She tears you down, darling Says you're nothing at all But I'll pick you up, darling When she lets you fall You're like a diamond But she treats you like glass Yet you beg her to love you But me you don't ask If I were your woman (If you were my woman) If I were your woman If you were my woman (If I were your woman) If you were my woman Here's what I'd do I'd never no, no stop loving you Yeah, yeah, mmm Life is so crazy and love is unkind Because she came first, darling Will she hang on your mind? You're a part of me And you don't even know it I'm what you need But I'm too afraid to show it If I were your woman (If you

Hitsville Begins

On August 2, 1959, Berry Gordy paid $25,000 to purchase the house on West Grand Avenue in Detroit that would become known as Hitsville, USA. Music history would be made here. The house would become a historic landmark and still stands as a museum.

Vintage MTV

Ralphcast Legends: Betty Everett

To call Betty Everett a one hit wonder is to diminish her talent. She was more than just the singer of The Shoop Shoop Song or You're No Good. Her smooth, soulful voice never truly received the attention (or songs) it deserved. She came close when she was paired off with Jerry Butler for some unforgettable duets. Betty and Jerry were reunited one last time for the PBS Special Doo-Wop 51. Betty hadn't performed for years, but she lit up the stage with Jerry. It was a magical night and her last public performance; she passed away less than a year later.